Hyper Reality Records Vinyl Project Hard Trance Vol.1

Hyper Reality Records - Hard Trance Vol.1

You now have the chance to get 3 of the best Hard Trance tracks from Hyper Reality Records on one Vinyl.. These classic sounding masterpieces will take you straight back to the era of German Hard Trance with the new sound of today.

If you want to have that special opening track or ending with a bang you definitely need to play this out on high volume!

Renegade System - Scorpius (Original Mix)
Aponaut - No Cure (ADM Remix)
Audio Weapon - Voice Of The Past (Club Mix)

200 limited copies...

- be part of a new reality -

Tags: Hard Trance, Aponaut, Renegade System, Hyper Reality Radio, ADM, Audio Weapon

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